Composting has become the environmental solution of choice to deal with on-site mortalities of livestock and organic waste. The BioMulcher was created to make the composting process easy for producers, environmentally friendly, and completely reduce the risk of biohazards on the farm.

The BioMulcher addresses the intensive process of dealing with livestock mortalities. The organic waste composter completely contains mortality and composts it in three to four days with no leftover bones, ready to apply or store for future use. We’ve taken care of the process, so you can enjoy the benefits.


The BioMulcher Composting Process

So, what’s happening within that BioMulcher cone for those three days on a microbiological level? There are five key factors that interact in order to create compost; Nitrogen and Carbon, oxygen and moisture, and pH.

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    Step 1 - Insert Mortalities

    Combine mortalities with carbon (straw) at a 2 to 1 ratio, product heats to 120 – 160 F.

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    Step 2 - Automation

    In 3-4 days your BioMulcher Organic Waste Composter renders a fully stable and easy to manage compost product

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    Step 3 - Stabilized

    Product is Stabilized, Pest Free, and Ready to be stored or applied to land


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